Recalibration of the alarm sensors directly on site

The PolyGard®2 gas detection system from MSR-Electronic with its X-Change exchangeable sensors is used for continuous gas monitoring in buildings, e.g. underground car parks, refrigeration and industrial plants as well as gas and oil processing industries.

The necessary calibration of the sensors was a complex procedure so far and dependent on an external certified company, with the associated large investment of time and costs. The sensors had to be opened, checked and calibrated with great care at the installation site. If an error was found, it was necessary to take along the complete sensor and replace it afterwards. With the new X-Change system from MSR-Electronic this expenditure of time and costs can be reduced considerably. The exchangeable head can be replaced on site at any time. The transmitter therefore remains untouched thus saving time and money.

Benefits resulting from the simple, independent re-calibration with the X-Change System

  • Considerable time and cost savings
  • Simple exchange process
  • Increased safety of your plant
  • No specialist company necessary

Take a look at the simple exchange process in the video here.

ATEX area: The PolyXeta®2 gas detection system with the X-Change interchangeable sensors is available especially for zones 1 and 2.

With the products of MSR-Electronic, you work preventively against dangers. MSR-Electronic offers not only the latest gas warning technology worldwide, but also consulting and analyses to perfect the safety of your plants, e.g. by detecting leakages at an early stage.


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