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WE are MSR-Electronic


MSR-Electronic is a subsidiary of the MSR-Group. We are a specialist in sensor technology with a focus on stationary gas warning systems and international sales. We have a wide range of methods for the detection of toxic and combustible gases and thus ensure the air quality in various application areas. On this basis MSR-Electronic develops individual gas sensors, controllers and warning devices for e.g. tunnels, petrochemical industry or shipping. Discover the world of MSR-Electronic here!


WE - our products - are everywhere


Surely you've parked in an underground car park more than once, drawn a Coke from a drinks cooler or perhaps you've even taken a vacation on a cruise ship? MSR products accompany your everyday life and ensure optimal protection for people and reliable monitoring of systems in critical situations. Our products have been installed at Apple headquarters, in a variety of hotel garages in Las Vegas, in the Brenner Base Tunnel, and in various wineries and breweries, among others.




Your apprenticeship

Our training is practical and varied. You will perform tasks with a high degree of personal responsibility and a broad range of activities.

This will give you a deep insight into our internal workflows and processes. Since good professional support is particularly important to us, you will be fully integrated into our team right from the start.

Our apprenticeship programs:

  • Apprenticeship industrial clerk
  •  Apprenticeship IT specialist for application development
  • Apprenticeship electronics technician for devices and systems
  • Apprenticeship electronics technician for industrial engineering

There are no apprenticeships available in the English-speaking area.



Your studies

We offer you the opportunity to complete your practical semester and individual internships. We also offer you professional support in writing your bachelor's or master's thesis.

By supporting the project teams and working independently on various tasks, you will contribute to the development of new solutions and products.

Our internships:

  • Bachelor's/Master's thesis for electrical engineering
  • Internship for Electrical Engineering
  • Internship IT Specialist for Application Development
  • Internship incl. thesis IT

There are no internships available in the English-speaking area.


Why work at MSR