CO2 gas monitoring during the production of Ukrainian wheat beer


Reliable safety from CO2 poisoning and O2 deficiency by using gas sensors from MSR-Electronic



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The modern RADOMYSHL brewery, west of Kiev, ranks among the most famous in the Ukraine. Not least because of its gold medal success in the most prestigious beer competitions, the American World Beer Cup® and the European Brewing Industry International Awards in recent years.

In addition to Ukrainian wheat beer in the Bavarian weiss beer style with a total capacity of 2.3 million liters per year, the brewery also produces juices, nectar and kvass. The latter being mainly popular in the Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro and the Baltic States.


Kvass is produced by fermentation of bread and is therefore also known as bread drink. It is comparable with malt beer and is now also known in Europe. Basically you need old bread or malt, rye flour as well as kvass yeast or sourdough to produce kvass.

Whether beer, juices or kvass – CO2 is generated in the fermentation process during the production of the entire beverage portfolio. Digital gas sensors and controllers from MSR-Electronic reliably monitor the air quality in the production rooms in order to warn and protect employees in the event of an increased carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration.


Properties and effect of carbon dioxide

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CO2 is extremely dangerous and can be lethal in two ways:

  • by releasing carbon dioxide, which quickly leads to suffocatio
  • by the poison itself.

The danger of poisoning starts at 0.5 Vol % of CO2, while a concentration of more than 10 Vol % can lead to death. Since carbon dioxide is one of the odourless and colourless gases, the danger is mostly only recognised when it is too late.




Use of exchangeable CO2 sensors with possible calibration on site for a reliable CO2 gas monitoring


For continuous monitoring of the ambient air for increased carbon dioxide concentrations, CO2 gas sensors from MSR-Electronic with a measuring range of 0-5 Vol % are used in breweries or wineries, beverage bottling plants or CO2 extinguishing systems in warehouses and production halls.


SC2 Sensor in gray

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The infrared measuring principle with integrated temperature and drift compensation stands for:

  • highest accuracy
  • selectivity
  • reliability

-despite a calibration interval of 5 years and the long lifetime of the sensor.

The digital infrared sensor has a standard analog output (0) 4–20 mA or (0) 2–10 V DC and an RS-485 interface.

Two 2 relays with adjustable switching thresholds are also possible.




Calibration can be carried out by two ways:


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