MPS gas sensor from MSR-Electronic is now on the market following intensive development

The MPS gas sensor, developed in cooperation with NevadaNano, represents the latest innovative sensor technology for the detection of flammable gases and refrigerants.


Highly flexible sensor solution.

The MPS gas sensor from MSR-Electronic belongs to the latest generation and offers unprecedented safety for people and installations. The MPS gas sensor from MSR-Electronic are now on the market following intensive development gas sensor are particularly suitable for hard-to-reach areas and complex applications, as they can operate for long periods without requiring calibration; be it, for example, in the petrochemical industry, industrial plants, H2 research, production, transport, logistics, the refrigeration industry or even in the oil and gas industry as well as in the shipping and offshore sectors.

MPS gas sensors from MSR-Electronic, Germany ©MSR-Traffic GmbH
©MSR-Electronic GmbH, MPS™ gas sensors of the PolyGard® and PolyXeta® product series

False alarms and inaccurate readings are a thing of the past.

After almost 40 years, NevadaNano, in collaboration with the University of Nevada, Reno, has succeeded in developing a gas sensor for combustible, explosive and flammable gases using MPS technology, which overcomes the hurdles faced by existing sensors.

This not only includes high accuracy, linearity, stability and repeatability over the sensor's entire lifetime, but also resistance to poisoning, which is particularly advantageous for plants that are frequently exposed to various gases and external influences. The gas sensors can be used to detect refrigerant gases, hydrogen, acetylene, methane and propane.



Thanks to its collaboration with NevadaNano, MSR-Electronic has succeeded in bringing a gas sensor onto the market with a service life of over 15 years. This is a significantly longer service life compared with other MPS gas sensors on the market. A special advantage is the neutralisation of the groups.  This means that the MPS sensors from MSR-Electronic are individually adapted to the target gas and thus achieve a significantly higher level of accuracy.

The MPS sensor is available in both the PolyGard® and PolyXeta® product series from MSR-Electronic. These include the typical MSR advantages of easy changing using X-Change Technology, powerful processors in each individual sensor for easy reading of all sensor data, modular and flexible controller solutions and, last but not least, personal support from MSR-Electronic, its subsidiaries and local partners.

Kooperation mit NevadaNano, MSR-Electronic GmbH ©Row 1 from left to right: Harald Schmitt, CEO (MSR-Electronic) and Gary Collins, Vice President of Sales & Marketing (NevadaNano); Row 2 from left to right: Karl Roberts, European Sales Director (NevadaNano), Christian Fecke, COO (MSR-Electronic), Patrick Lebmann, Head of Purchasing (MSR-Electronic), Detlef Prins, Managing Director (Unitronic), Benedikt Winkler, Head of Sales (MSR-Electronic), Stephan Kretschmer, Head of Development (MSR-Electronic)

The cooperation with NevadaNano.

NevadaNano Systems, Inc. is the world's leading innovator in gas sensor technology.

“Since first making contact with Gary Collins, Vice President Sales & Marketing (NevadaNano), in 2020, and following an intensive in-house development phase, MSR-Electronic is now presenting a pioneering product, which stands out enormously from the competition in terms of service life and accuracy of measuring values. We are very proud of our collaboration with NevadaNano,” says Harald Schmitt, CEO of MSR-Electronic.

“We are excited to work with MSR-Electronic to bring our groundbreaking MPS sensor technology to their range of fixed gas monitors,” said Karl Roberts European Sales Director at NevadaNano. “We share MSR’s commitment to continuous innovation, to support our core market requirements for enhanced solutions to address their key concerns around sensor performance, reliability and life cycle cost”.

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