Gas Warning Systems for Private Shipping

Safety from C3H8 / CO / NO2

Gas leaks on board can quickly lead to fire or to poisoning. Many of these gases are often odorless. The stationary gas warning systems from MSR-Electronic have  high accuracy  and reliability. Thanks to the guaranteed safety, your ship will experience a significant increase in value.

PolyMarine® Products

  • Plug-in device (12 V) for detection of carbon monoxide, LPG, petrol vapors or air quality
  • Gas controller, up to 3 different gas sensors possible
  • Gas sensors for CO / NO2 / petrol vapors / propane, incl. exchangeable sensor (X-Change)
  • Warning devices (alarm horn with signal lamp and alarm acknowledgement)
  • Control unit for the cockpit with buzzer, lamp, button and display
  • Smoke alarm, magnetic gas valve

See all regulations and certificates here.

More information about reliable gas detection on board.