Optimize the Processes

Individual solutions for complex applications with PolySam®.


With MSR-Electronic you profit from comprehensive analyses and thus optimize your yield of energy generation.


Benefits and features:

  • More safety: More than required by all national standards
  • Exchangeable sensor (X-Change): Significantly lower maintenance costs
  • Better plannning with overall lower costs


Schema for fixed gas alarm systems from MSR-Electronic for laboratories


Optimize the yield of energy generation

With the complete solutions by MSR-Electronic you are always on the safe side. Your system can be monitored and optimized locally as well as by remote control via computer.

The evaluations of all gases are temperature, humidity and pressure compensated. Thanks to targeted flushing with fresh air the lifetime of your plant will increase significantly.


Product PolySam®2:


Schema for fixed gas alarm systems for the product PolySam from MSR-Electronic for Analysis