MSR-Electronic develops innovative gas sensors and controllers for industrial environments where extreme environmental conditions prevail. When handling with hazardous substances such as methane (CH4) or oxygen (O2), special safety precautions are essential to detect and immediately indicate the life-threatening gases.

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H2  Gas Monitoring

For research, production, logistics and mobility

There are numerous applications for hydrogen as the energy carrier of the future. Apart from its use in welding or as fuel for rockets, the focus is currently mainly on the automotive sector.

Hydrogen combustion engines or fuel cells are expected to replace fossil fuels in the foreseeable future. No local exhaust gases are produced when hydrogen is burned, only water.

H2 is a very reactive gas, which makes constant monitoring by a gas warning system throughout its life cycle absolutely essential. During research work, on test benches and during the production of the gas, leaks can occur at any time and cause catastrophic damage in case of ignition.

Warning systems must also be installed during transport and at filling stations to protect people and equipment from this highly flammable gas.

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More information about safe H2 monitoring.

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Gas Warning Systems for Petrochemical Industry

Safe protection against CH4 / C5H12 / C3H8 / H2S / O2 / CO / NH3

In the chemical and petrochemical industry, permanent monitoring of rooms and plants in which explosive or toxic atmospheres can form is required.

Personal protection requires the monitoring of hazardous gases in accessible areas, on the one hand to prevent accidents, and on the other to comply with MAK values and thus guarantee the health and safety of employees.

In addition, MSR-Electronic offers solutions for the protection of your plant against unwanted gas leakage and thus financial loss. Furthermore, process safety can be further optimized with gas detectors from MSR-Electronic.

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More information about safe petrochemical industry.

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Gas Warning Systems for Biogas Plants

Safe protection against CH4 / H2S / CO2 / O2

The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: mix the unloved liquid manure with corn silage, let bacteria work, and use the resulting methane gas to generate electricity and heat. In times of scarce energy resources and climate change, the focus is on new energy sources.

When operating biogas plants, personal protection and plant safety are of crucial importance in addition to process optimization. With the gas warning products of MSR-Electronic you work preventively against dangers.

Gas sensors, controllers and warning devices are used to measure combustible and toxic gases as well as oxygen. Leakages are thus localized at an early stage.

See all regulations and certificates here.

More information about safe biogas plants.

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Gas Warning Systems for the Producing Industry

Reliable protection against O2 / H2S / CO / CO2


Health-endangering gases are used in many manufacturing industrial companies. To effectively protect workers in these areas, the ambient air must be continuously monitored for concentrations of toxic gases or the dangerous decrease in oxygen content.


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Gas Warning Systems for the Waste Disposal

Reliable protection against CO2 / H2S / Hexane / Benzene / Toluene


Employees in the utilities and waste management industry are exposed to risks due to gas in many areas. In sewers, a decrease of oxygen in the breathing air can occur, whereas in disposal sites toxic or explosive gases can arise. In addition, it may be necessary to detect damages or leaks in pipelines.


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Complete product range with all features is available in the MSR-Shop 24.


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