Gas warning or gas alarm systems must be reliable at all times. When gas leakages such as carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO) or nitrogen oxides (NOx) occur, quick intervention and reliable products are needed. The sensors, controllers and warning devices by MSR-Electronic effectively protect people and systems in hazardous situations when combustible or toxic gases are emitted.

Gas Warning Systems for Garages, Tunnels and Loading Zones

Safety from CO / NO2 / LPG

Stationary gas warning systems in garages, tunnels and loading zones are the crucial monitoring instrument of a ventilation system. It regulates the air quality in enclosed spaces and decides when to start the ventilation.

Reliable application is regulated throughout Europe in the EN 50545 standard. EN 50545 - the central standard for gas monitoring in garages and tunnels - requires extensive prerequisites for gas alarm systems. The gases CO, NO2 and LPG to be monitored by means of sensor technology are defined in the standard.

In addition to the type of warning, SIL monitoring is also required to EN 50271, which is referenced in EN 50545.

See all regulations and certificates here.

More informaton about garages and tunnels.

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Gas Warning Systems for Laboratories, Research and Medicine

Safety from CO2 / O2 / N2 / H2 / C3H8 / CH4 / CH2O / O3

Especially the sensitive medical, research and laboratory area must be constantly monitored in order to protect against hazardous substances.

MSR gas detectors are particularly flexible to use in this respect, as all requirements can be tailored to suit individual needs. Whether individual sensors with connection to existing BMS systems or complex self-sufficient gas detection systems for large-scale laboratories with different areas.

The MSR products comply with more than the general standards and regulations. Therefore MSR-Electronic can guarantee the protection of employees and the safety of the plant.

See all regulations and certificates here.

More information about safe laboratory and medical areas.

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Gas Warning Systems for Dispensing Systems

Protection against CO2 and O2 deficiency

Wherever CO2  bottles, lines and tanks are required, the sensors from MSR-Electronic can be used in:

  • restaurants
  • breweries and fermenting cellars
  • wineries
  • beverage bottling systems
  • CO2  extinguishing agent systems in warehouses and production halls

The DEM-06-IO-A module ensures access to enclosed spaces where CO2  leakage can occur and displays increased gas concentration in real time.

Thus, safety is perfectly guaranteed.

See all regulations and certificates here.

More information about safe beverage systems.

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Gas Warning Systems for Ripening Chambers

Reliable monitoring of CO2/ C2H4/ C2H4O and O2 deficiency

Fresh fruit and vegetables are alive and continue to breathe after the harvest. This leads to oxygen consumption and the formation of carbon dioxide and water vapour. Keeping the products fresh means slowing down the process while maintaining the quality of the product.

Gas sensors are just as important as the modern technology of the ripening chambers. They are required to permanently monitor the various gas concentrations involved in the ripening process.

The sensors, controllers and warning devices from MSR-Electronic protect people and equipment effectively and monitor the system as a central point of the entire process.

See all regulations and certificates here.

More information about safe ripining chambers.

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Gas Warning Systems for Refrigeration Systems

Protection against refrigerants

Refrigeration systems above a certain size must be equipped with a gas warning device. The requirements for gas detectors depend on the type of refrigerant and the specific application.

Here apply the requirements of EN 378 and EN 14624, among others. The European standard specifies the requirements for the safety of persons and property.

MSR gas sensors are safer than the standards require and reliably protect life and system.

Thanks to flexible setting options, the gas detection system from MSR-Electronic can be adapted exactly to the respective regulations (e.g. switching thresholds) .

See all regulations and certificates here.

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Gas Alarm Systems for Aquaculture Systems

Monitoring of O2 deficiency, ozone gas and other dangerous gases

Aquaculture systems are location independent in production, have minimal impact on the environment and usage of water, as it is a closed system. In addition, the high water quality allows high stocking densities to be realized.

However, water treatment and disinfection play an essential role in aquaculture. This places great demands on the facilities and new challenges for the staff working in aquaculture from a health and safety perspective.

Gas sensors, controllers and warning devices from MSR-Electronic offer a perfect protection in the event of ozone gas leaks.

See all regulations and certificates here.

More information about gas alarm systems for aquaculture systems.

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Gas Detection Systems in the Beverage Industry

Safety from CO2 / SO2 / H2S / C2H60 / CH3OH and O2 deficiency

In the beverage industry, the danger from gases is often underestimated. Soft drinks and beers are perceived as refreshing thanks to "carbon dioxide", and carbon dioxide improves the shelf life of still beverages.

Beverage processing involves removing oxygen from a container or liquid using CO2 or other gases to protect it from oxidation. This could affect the odor, taste, color and composition of the ingredients.

MSR-Electronic offers reliable gas sensors, controllers and warning devices to protect people and equipment from hazardous gases.

See all regulations and certificates here.

More information about gas detection systems in the beverage industry.

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