MSR-Electronic for certain

Made in Germany

The globally operating company MSR-Electronic combines modern corporate management with the values of a family business.

Our products and solutions can be found in many commercial and industrial applications.

Through its global sales network, MSR-Electronic has long standing client relationships that are based on reliability and mutual trust.

If you opt for the safe solutions and innovative products, you benefit from many advantages such as:

  1. Quality and availability
  2. Competitiveness of the products
  3. Responsibility towards customers and business partners
  4. Open mindedness to new challenges.


The core values of MSR-Electronic


  • Innovative and modern products
  • Reliable in price, quality and availability
  • Responsibility towards customers and partners
  • Motivation and pleasure in the product
  • Open-minded about new needs and markets

The MSR-Electronic Online Catalog.

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