Gas Warning Systems for Private Shipping


Gas leaks on board can quickly lead to fire or to poisoning. Many of these gases are often odorless.
The human sense of smell alone can no longer detect this danger and needs help. The escape of combustible gases can even cause fire and even explosion.


PolyMarine®2 Products:

  • Plug-in device (12 V) for detection of carbon monoxide, LPG, petrol vapors or air quality
  • Gas controller, up to 3 different gas sensors possible
  • Gas sensors for CO / NO2 / petrol vapors / propane, incl. exchangeable sensor (X-Change)
  • Warning devices (alarm horn with signal lamp and alarm acknowledgement)
  • Control unit for the cockpit with buzzer, lamp, button and display
  • Smoke alarm, magnetic gas valve


Benefits and features:

  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Guaranteed safety and worldwide support
  • Significant increase in value


Schematic diagram: