Gas Alarm Systems for Shipping and Offshore

Safety from H2S / CO / CO2/ LPG / LNG / CNG / H2 / Gasoline vapors and oxygen defiency

Ships and oil rigs are risk areas because there is no possibility of escape. Dangerous gas concentrations can build up at any time and must be detected at an early stage.

Gas sensors, controllers and warning devices from MSR-Electronic offer perfect protection in the event of gas leaks occurring on board. Moreover, they not only protect the lives of the crew, but also the ship's cargo and even the ship itself from damage.

All products are SIL2 certified. They have marine approval according to the European Directive 2014/90/EU and EU2020/1170 and the international directive DNVGL-CG-0339 (MEDB00007CE, MEDD0000272, TAA000032C).

Thanks to the easy maintenance by e.g. sensor head change (X-Change technology) the costs are extremely reduced.

See all regulations and certificates here.

More information about reliable gas detection on board.

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