Gas Warning Systems for Commercial  Shipping


Depending on the type of seagoing vessel and its cargo, dangerous gas concentrations can form on board at any time. According to the guidelines, stationary gas warning systems must be installed in most ships. In addition, a reliable gas warning system from MSR-Electronic not only protects the life of the crew, but can also protect the cargo of the ship and even the ship itself from damage.


LPG – The Alternative Marine Fuel

The use of LPG as an engine fuel is one of the largest and fastest ones growing globally. The properties of LPG and namely its low emissions and its virtually zero particulate emissions can have an immediate positive impact on the air quality. An important property of LPG is that when in vapor form, it is heavier than air and when it leaks it always falls to the ground. If an LPG leak in a vessel is left unnoticed, it will find its way to the engine room floor or bilge. Reliable and high-performance fixed-point LPG gas detectors by MSR-Electronic will make the marine future more secure.


Potential gas hazards in marine applications

  • Explosion risk for liquefied petroleum gas, chemicals and other fossil fuels
  • Toxic gases: Carbon monoxide from waste gases and hydrogen sulphide from the degradation of organic compounds
  • Danger of suffocation: lack of oxygen during oxidation processes



  • Sensor PolyXeta®2, Zone 1 and Zone 2 for combustible and toxic gases
  • Exchangeable sensor element SX1, Zone 1 and Zone 2 for combustible and toxic gases
  • Gas Controller Module GC-80
  • Extension Module EP-80


Schematic diagram


Schema for gas warning systems for commercial shipping from MSR-Electronic