PolyGard®2 Products for Gas Alarm Systems


The products of MSR-Electronic meet more than the general standards and regulations and can thus guarantee the safety of the installation.

MSR-Electronic knows the safety standards worldwide and implements them as one of the first companies in the gas alarm industry, e.g.

• EN 50545 / SIL 2 / EN 50271
• OVE / ÖNORM Plus EN 50545-1:2013
• CSN EN 50545-1
• UL 2075 / Title 24

The safety systems of MSR-Electronic do not end with the standard and thereby extend the failure safety of your ventilation systems.

Advanced security
The use of state-of-the-art system electronics from MSR-Electronic can not only extend the service life of ventilation systems, but can also increase the security and thus the building value significantly. This will help you improve the efficiency of your products.

Worldwide security
The safety of MSR-Electronic products respects worldwide standards and regulations. They can therefore be used in all systems in any country all over the world.

PolyGard®2 Sensors and Boards

with the innovative exchangeable sensor X-Change

Analog sensor head MC2 X-Change
Digital sensor head SC2 X-Change and SI2D X-Change

Air quality sensors VOC / CO2

Sensor Board SB2 and Sensor Board MSB2

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PolyGard®2 Controllers and Modules

Multi-Sensor-Controller MSC2
Multi-Gas-Controller MGC2

Controller series DGC-06

Controller Add-On: Gas selector

Extension module
Motor and plant module

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PolyGard® Warning Devices

Warn signs
Warning horns


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